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How to Know When It's Time for Air Conditioning Repair?

A broken air conditioner can spell disaster during scorching summer days. But, with the proper care and attention, you can keep your home cool and comfortable for years to come. So, How can you tell when it’s time for a professional touch?

That’s where we come in! Simply scroll down to see the easy signs that indicate it’s time to reach out to Weather Masters of Georgia for our expert AC repair services in Kennesaw GA. services.

You Hear Strange Noises In Your Air Conditioner

Is your air conditioner giving you more than just a steady hum? Did you hear a bang, a squeal, or any odd clicking noises? If so, it’s time to take action!

Your air conditioner is an important part of your home, and you want to make sure it’s functioning at its best. While it’s normal to hear a bit of hum and perhaps some popping from your ductwork, any other noises are a red flag.

Don’t let a broken air conditioner cost you more in the long run. With rising electricity costs, the last thing you want is an inefficient unit draining your wallet. Act fast and get your air conditioner repaired or replaced before the problem gets worse.

Your Unit Has A Bad Smell

Is there a foul odor coming from your air conditioner? Yikes, that’s not good! Not only does it make your home uncomfortable, but it could also be a sign of mold or mildew in your air ducts, which is a significant health hazard.

So why suffer in an unpleasant-smelling home when you don’t have to?

Call Weather Masters to get your ductwork checked today! Our top priority is ensuring you and your loved ones are safe and breathing clean air.

Your Electric Bill Gets More Expensive

Are you paying more for electricity than usual? Your air conditioner might be to blame. Our team is here to help. We can make sure your unit is running efficiently with a simple call.

You can save money and help the environment by making the most of your electricity. Call our team for help with your unit and to keep it running smoothly without draining your power.

You Have A Puddle Of Water Underneath Your Air Conditioner

A leak is never a good sign, especially not with air conditioning units. If you spot a leak underneath yours, it can indicate a malfunction in the cooling system or a buildup of ice. Be sure to address the issue – not only is freon, a component of AC units, harmful to your health, but the leaking liquid can also cause damage to your floors and walls.

Our team is ready to provide a prompt repair solution to ensure the longevity and safety of your air conditioning system. Don’t let a small leak become a big problem – call us today!

Your Unit Can't Click Off After The Room Cools Down

Is your air conditioning unit having trouble turning off even after cooling the room? It’s time to take a closer look! This could signify that your unit is reaching its golden years or simply the wrong size for the space.

This will drive up your energy costs and put additional stress on your unit, potentially leading to a breakdown. Don’t let this happen to you! It might be time to replace it. Ask for help from the experts: Weather Masters of Georgia.

Your AC Trips The Breaker

These common electrical problems can cause a major inconvenience to your daily life. Act fast to prevent further damage and ensure safe operation. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t sweat it! The experienced technicians at Master Weather of Georgia are here to help. With our expertise, we’ll have your AC back in perfect condition.

Don't Hesitate To Call Weather Masters Of Georgia

When it comes to your home or office comfort, don’t hesitate to turn to our passionate team of professionals. We are ready to take action and tackle any repair needs for your air conditioner. Simply pick up the phone and tell us the problem.

Our highly-skilled technicians will get fast to your location, diagnose the issue and resolve it, ensuring a long-lasting solution. Don’t let the heat take over. Let Weather Masters of Georgia keep you cool and comfortable!